PMU Training, What to expect

PMU Training: What to expect?

It’s normal for people to wonder what to expect before starting their course and what the week will
entail. For example, in each beginners PMU training package the week varies based on what type of
training you are doing. Regardless of what package you are booked on to rest assured on your first
day there will always be a warm welcome from Melissa, followed by a cup of coffee or tea and time to
get to know one another.

After that, we will spend the first day looking at the theory behind your selected PMU course. Our
discussion pertains to health and safety in detail including consents, patch testing and licensing.

The second day consists of more theoretical work as we examine needle configurations, colour theory
and how we should choose the right pigment for our clients based on their skin type. Additionally, it is
vital that you understand how to map your clients; eyebrows and make sure the design fits the shape
and the contour of their face correctly. Brow mapping is a crucial element of the service and must be
executed to perfection before you can put needle to skin. This will be shown to you and you will have
an opportunity to practice this several times. You will also be taught shading techniques and hair
stroke patterns and there will be ample time for you to work on the practice pads where you’ll get to
use the machine and put into practice everything you’ve learned so far.

Melissa will demonstrate a live model on Day 3 and you will have the opportunity to work on one too.
This will be a brow model and will be fully supervised by Melissa to make sure everything goes
smoothly. The first live model will teach you a lot of valuable lessons, and in our experience, students
leave day 3 with a huge boost in confidence as they realise that if you follow what you’ve been taught,
you’ll soon get the hang of it pretty quickly. Day 3 will be the last day of training for our Bronze
package students and our Silver, Gold and Platinum students will move on to day 4 & 5. These days
follow the same structure as day 3 but will focus on Lip Blush and Eyeliner tattooing.

Upon completion of this course, you will depart with your workbooks, a full set of supplies, a smile on
your face and all the knowledge required to complete your beginner’s portfolio. Your portfolio must be
submitted to us with the work you have produced working independently at home. Good news, you
can charge for the model treatments which will enable you to start earning from this right away. Once
we have received your portfolio and you have completed a successful assessment you are then
certified and a fully qualified PMU technician, it is at this point you can charge full prices for all your
treatments. All students on our Gold and Platinum packages will return for their additional workshops
to advance their skills. For more info on what each PMU beginners training package consists of
please email us at where we will be delighted to discuss this with you
in more detail.
We hope this has helped you understand what to expect on your beginner training with us and we
look forward to welcoming you very soon.

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