semi permanent
 lip treatments

Never has there been a more opportune time to consider a permanent lip tattoo. Whether a blushed look or something more intense, a lip tattoo treatment eliminates the need for lipsticks, most of which contain a myriad of ingredients that rob the lips of natural moisture and age them prematurely. Moreover, as we age, our lips tend to lose definition and appear smaller. Lip tattoo restores your natural contour, giving you back plumper more youthful lips. Lip tissue is like no other skin on the body. To that end, skill and understanding of this delicate skin is vital to a successful treatment and optimal long-term results. Once your initial treatment has fully healed, Melissa has you back to make adjustments as or if, required. Despite what our lips go through each and every day, a lip tattoo is a remarkably long-lasting permanent makeup treatment, requiring colour boosts every few years only. It is time to elevate your look and restore the youthful vibrance of rosy, kissable lips!

What semi permanent lip
treatments are available?

Lip Liner

Choose either a soft and subtle lip liner or a crisp shade of colour lining your lips.

Lip Liner and Blush

Add colour and definition on your lips making them irresistible! 

Full Lip Colour

Get the fuller, lucious and sexy lips you’ve always wanted with our full lip colour SMPU treatment.