Anyone who has undergone surgery of the breast, whether due to reconstruction following a mastectomy, a reduction, or augmentation, is a potential candidate for three-dimensional areola. With the incredible art of tattoo, Melissa can entirely recreate an areola so realistic that it is imperceptible from the real thing. Often only some small adjustments are required, such as colour and/or shape enhancement. Melissa has extensive experience working on compromised skin that has undergone surgery and works carefully to create a hyper realistic areola, with as much detail as the client desires, without any trauma or discomfort. It is important to have innate artistic talent to accomplish this work—to create depth, dimension and fine details that trick the eye. All that takes extensive training and experience.

Multi Trepannic Collagen Actuation, (MCA) as the practice of dry needling/micro needling is scientifically known as it relates to scar revision is an incredibly effective treatment that can actually cause scars to soften and, in many cases, disappear. Using a specialized tattoo device, without ink, Melissa gently works over the area with the aim of creating hundreds of micro-punctures. When the skin is signalled in this way, a wound healing cascade is automatically initiated.  Blood flow is stimulated, as is the creation of new healthy collagen proteins, which replaces the scar collagen that comprises the scar tissue. Several treatments are generally required, spaced about a month apart.  MCA Scar Reduction can be done anywhere on the body, including the face. MCA Scar Reduction may precede areola tattoo if surgical scarring is extensive and bothersome.  It may also be done before any permanent makeup treatment as well. In fact, any scar that has been assessed by Melissa to be responsive to the treatment can be treated. Treatments are quick and comfortable. 

What medical micropigmentation
treatments are available?


Pigment is built up on the breast to create the 3D illusion of an areola. Rest assured you are in expert hands with Melissa!

MCR Scar Reduction

No more hiding! MCR Scar Reduction will bring your confidence back giving you the soft, beautiful skin you deserve!