Both Gel and Acrylic Nails are artificial nail extensions applied over your nail bed.  Both require expert skill in application to prevent any reaction or irritation. Each type carries its own benefits. Gel nails tend to look soft and glossy meaning clients can wear them without any polish due to their very natural appearance. Acrylic nails on the other hand, last longer than gel nails, though look best with a polish so as not to be as noticeable as an extension. Acrylic nails take a little less time to apply than gel nails, with each type requiring different types of products to adhere to the nail bed. Due to their composition, acrylic nails are less prone to breakage than gel nails. Both nail extension options do require care and maintenance, not just to keep looking beautiful, but to avoid complications to the nail bed. The choice comes down to your lifestyle and the look you are after. Both options are excellent when carefully applied and maintained.

What skin Treatments
are available?

Dry Manicure (no varnish)

Just a little TLC is sometimes all that is needed to keep your nails tidy and healthy!

Gel Polish (on hands or feet)

Having our nails done makes all the difference to how we feel, am I right? Treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure with beautiful gel colours!

Natural Acrylic Extensions (inc FREE gel polish)

Achieve that WOW factor with our natural acrylic extensions and a range of beautiful gel colours to choose from.