Blonde hair, don’t care!… Product review

Hey you little lovelies,

So some of you may know if you’ve tuned in to any of my YouTube videos that I love a good steal and I’m a high street junkie so when I ran out of my shampoo the obvious place to look for a top up was my local supermarket. Don’t get me wrong I love the luxury of the salon professional products but I like convenience and a bargain to boot!

Now being a bottle blonde does come with it’s downsides, my hair can often feel dry and straw like especially after a new colour application so it was after a recent salon visit I felt I needed something nice for my locks and some protection from the heat appliances I use so you can imagine my delight when I find the John Frieda products on offer for 3 for 2!.. get in, back of the net for a cheeky saving!

Im a John Frieda virgin having never used their products before, I stood in the aisle reading all the bottles and decided based on the info to treat myself to the Miraculous recovery shampoo, Smooth start conditioner and extra strength serum.

I was not disappointed, the first thing I noticed was the smell, now of course most shampoos smell lush don’t get me wrong however there was something very “salon” about the scent of these products. Having worked in hair & beauty salons during my career as a therapist I have a nose for the salon aroma haha, I think unless you’ve worked in a salon you might not really get it but as soon as I popped the cap open I was transported right to the hair salon!….. yet I was in my bath tub! Amazing!

As I washed my sins away with the shampoo I did worry that my hair wasn’t going to feel soft as I’d hoped as I still felt my fingers pulling through my mane with a rough tug, however the moment I applied the conditioner (sparingly and not on the roots) my hair INSTANTLY turned to silk, no exaggeration! I kept the conditioner on while I cleansed, exfoliated and masked my face and washed the whole lot off in one go… Wow, just wow… My hair felt like that scene from Pocahontas when she showers under the waterfall!

Now for the danger zone, drying, styling, straightening & curling…. HEAT, HEAT, HEAT!…. This is where the serum comes in. Now i’ll be totally honest with you, unless I’m at the hairdressers I don’t use the protective sprays or creams, its not for not owning them, I simply forget! SO it was really nice to use this product and not only love the consistency but love the way it went through my hair completely lightweight and non-sticky which I have found a lot of other products to be. I followed the instructions and only applied one pump through the ends of my hair… upon drying my hair felt instantly smooth and silky which I only usually experience after I have ran the straighteners through it so that was really pleasant.

Now my hair is dry and straightened I can 100% say I recommend these products, they smell great and do exactly what they say they on the tin, its been about 3 hours since I washed my hair and the fragrance I keep smelling from my hair is truly lovely, the smell doesn’t usually last like this so that’s another really nice point.

John Frieda you have converted me and I shall be recommending you, I am looking forward to trying other products from your range.

Girls, totally worth the buy.

Ciao for now you gorgeous lot,

Love Melissa xxx