Hey my Beauties,

So if you are following me on any of my social media accounts you’ll know I like to use the hashtag #theonlybrowgirl, this came from a client years ago and it just stuck! Anyway the point of this tale is that I seem to have become the queen of brows and i’d say it was my favourite treatment, I simply love them, I love transforming a face using brow techniques. I’ve had the pleasure of fixing hundreds of eyebrows over my 14 year career whether I’m using my tints and wax or micro pigmentation, which ever way I work my magic I come in to my own when I’m treating brows!

With this in mind I wanted to share with you the treatment I did on the stunning Emma. Emma contacted me over Instagram after seeing posts of my work, after a few messages Emma booked in with me, however this wasn’t for a simple brow wax, Emma wanted me to use the tattooing technique micro-pigmentation where I use a digital machine to implant pigment into the skin to create a semi-permanent tattoo resembling an eyebrow. This is not an easy procedure and requires extensive training, it is particularly difficult when correction work is needed like in this case.

Emma had previously had her eyebrows tattooed by another technician roughly a year ago and the pigment hadn’t retained within the skin, Emma was unhappy with the shape she had been given and the overall appearance of her eyebrows having to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror each morning drawing them on! With 2 small children this was very impractical.

I spent time chatting to Emma to gauge what look she wanted, the shape that she liked and working out the perfect pigment to suit her skin (using the Fitzpatrick scale). Once Emma was sufficiently numbed using the topical aneastetic we were good to go, I did all the measurements to ensure accuracy and drew on the shape, Emma loved it immediately with me needing to make almost no adjustments to the brows I had drawn in. Emma had chosen the hair stroke technique but wanted them to appear more powdered so to give her this look by tattooing the hair strokes in very close together so that when it heals she will get her desired result. Emma wanted the arch to be soft with thicker tails and an angled start to her brow, all things she didn’t have before… her wish was my command!

Throughout the treatment I used a secondary numbing agent to make sure she was as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure, Emma remarked how painfree it was and that she was expecting to feel it more, the biggest misconception is that the tattoo is going to hurt, it rarely does.

After 3 passes on each brow I was satisfied that I had done all I could do during the first treatment, this is a 2 part procedure and Emma will be back in a month for her top up. This allows me to make sure the shape is perfect and if there is any pigment loss I can put it back in.

The reveal, my favourite part! Emma sat up to see her newly transformed brows and was ecstatic! Immediately after posting on Facebook – “Brows done! Thank you Melissa Murphy I love them!!!! Totally transformed x” and left me a 5* review. Happy client, happy Me!

In the picture I’ve shared with you guys its important to note that the brows will heal slightly lighter and the hair strokes will soften off.

As I said brows are my passion, I truly believe they are important and over the years people over pluck them and simply get their shape wrong, if you feel this is you and you could do with the Melissa brow magic please don’t hesitate to get in touch, I would be so happy to help you.

Its ciao for now my little loves but I will be back soon with more bloggs!

Love Melissa x