Body Fixers

Hey you guys!… (in my best Sloth from The Goonies accent)

I thought it was about time I did a bit of a blog about body fixers! You know that totally awesome show on E4?! yeah, of course you do ????

Okay, for all of you that may not have seen it (I’m sure there’s one or two), it’s a show about fixing beauty fails or basically trying to give the punters what they ask for no matter how extreme their requests. It may seem at times that the treatments are simple but the individuals on the show are coming in because this really means something to them whether its a hair disaster or nails because they are self conscious of showing their hands, each treatment means a lot to the client.

What I love most about Body Fixers is we are able make the clients happy & that we can showcase the skills in the hair, beauty and aesthetics industry. Not everyone knows about laser treatments, tanning and nails you know!

When you watch the show you’ll realise it’s very tongue in cheek at times and we like a bit of banter… take some of it with a pinch of salt haha, but above all else just enjoy the incredible transformations.

Set in London it was far from home for me being a Leeds girl but I soon began to enjoy the journey and staying in our capital. The life of filming took us into a different world and I became accustomed to living out of a suitcase. One thing I never imagined was how many friends I would make from the show, I now have a Fixer family ranging from the other cast members through to the production team and runners, we all became so close and that to me is one of the best things I have gained from being a part of it. I can honestly say Alex, April, Dr Esho, Nathan & Daniel are like family to me, we talk EVERYDAY!… I mean every single day since filming, we have a group chat on WhatsApp and from morning till night we are dipping in and out of it, I probably talk to them more than some of my own family! haha

So where did we find our contributors, well they applied of course.. Some people think the clients come walking in off the street!.. You can apply to be on the show just like you would on any other show but what us fixers don’t know is who is going to walk through the door until they actually do! The clients were all so lovely too, everyone had great characters which went to making the job so enjoyable ???? We really did have a giggle with everyone which made it a really fun experience for all involved.

All in all I’m so proud to be a part of an amazing production and I’m so thankful for the opportunities it has brought me. If you’d like to hear me waffle on about each episode then jump over to my YouTube channel to watch the videos!

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Lots of love, Hugs and Smooches, Melissa x