My Training with Melissa by Scarlett Peach

Hi All,


I wanted to share my story about my permanent makeup career journey.

One evening I was sat scrolling through Instagram and I saw a post that said ‘medical picture, do not report’. It was a ladies chest who had a treatment to rebuild her areola from having surgery, because of cancer.

For some reason I found myself thinking about it a lot, like I couldn’t stop thinking that out there, it was somebody’s job to do that for other people, for free.

No gain, just to help someone who needed it.

I wanted to learn how to do this, but I am an all or nothing kind of person, who wants to learn everything from scratch, so I began researching the basics as this was obviously an advanced treatment.

This is where I found out about Permanent Makeup and the training.

I began online stalking trainers all across the country! After finding Melissa Murphy I followed her for a while and watched her stories etc and finally bit the bullet and emailed her.

She called me later that day, we had a great little chat as she went through her courses, and I knew I had found the trainer for me.

To find that she offered the entire program in her Platinum Package and had lifetime continual support was the deal sealer.

I could train from the very basics all the way to advance Permanent Makeup, safe in the knowledge that she would always be there if I needed to ask any questions about treatments.

I travelled up to Leeds from Shropshire and spent the week training in Eyebrows, Lips and Lashline Enhancement, I had the best time and felt so at ease around her and Chris in their beautiful set up.

I recently went back for my assessment and I am already looking forward to my next visit for my advanced training.

One day, I will be able to post my own medical pictures and hopefully inspire somebody else to join this magical world of Permanent Make Up, and if they do go ahead I couldn’t recommend anyone more than Melissa to train with.

I am confident that as I progress through my training package, my business will be everything I have imagined and that Melissa is only a call away!


Scarlett Peach


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