Starting in the Beauty Industry, My Experience

My name is K’Leigh Ziemiecki and I am 17 years old, currently I am attending a sixth form to gain A level qualifications, I am in my last year there. I have never really been able to create a set plan of what I was going to do with my future when I left
sixth form because I have always been the type of person to have a range of strong interests therefore, choosing a certain path to follow seemed really difficult and scary for me. One of my main interests has always been within a beauty profession, I have always loved watching the different beauty transformations on social media and the impact it has on an individuals confidence post-treatment.

When my auntie was looking for a trainee, she wanted me to be the person who would train alongside her. I knew that it was a huge opportunity for me to learn things from an individual who has so much knowledge within a skilful area that I have interest in because that’s not something you can be taught about during your time in school. Having my vision broadened by being involved in the semi-permanent world really shocked me because I never thought drawing a new pair of eyebrows onto somebody who didn’t have any in the beginning would be so exciting to see, I just love the end results of any treatment. I have now noticed and heard through first hand clients just how a treatment can actually change an individual’s attitude of themselves, whether that is giving them more confidence or just helping them feel more relaxed by giving them the ability to escape from their daily life with a treatment and I just knew that this was something I wanted to take part in. Luckily, for me I have always been surrounded by strong role models growing up, individuals like my mum and dad who have showed me the importance and rewards of working hard, staying focused, being an independent individual and somebody who always strives to do better in order to reach their goals, has been very beneficial for me. My auntie Melissa is also one of the role models who has made an impact in my life and showed me that you can actually complete the goals that you set for yourself with hard work and resilience, I have witnessed my auntie go from working in spas, beauty salons and selling cosmetic skincare products to drawing up a plan during lockdown to create her dream studio and have the ability to offer semi-permanent makeup and a huge range of other skincare and beauty treatments for her clients from her own studio, it was really inspiring to see.

At the moment, two days throughout the week I join Melissa in her studio it involves performing treatments on clients, training and assisting her. With the training of Melissa and generous help of the clients, who have given me the opportunities to make mistakes and learn from them, at present I am qualified in LVL lashes and Classic lash extensions and have done bits of most treatments. Even though, I have only been here since May I feel like I have been here longer because I have gained so much knowledge and many skills, which I wouldn’t have been able to have learned this quickly, with 1-1 support and advice, from anywhere else. With my ongoing training and joining Melissa full time from spring next year I aim to excel and improve till I have reached my maximum potential.

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